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Mix & Fill

Meant for mixing areas where high-flow water supply is available to safely mix your chemistry and load your spray tanks to the desire level. This tool eliminates crawling around on your vehicle to dump in product. Add the fill flowmeter and valve to make it even more efficient!

HYDRO Seeder

New technology from Frost Inc. has improved the Hydro Seeder. A remote on/off control allows for one-man operation. An industrial spray hose and electric reel prevents clogging of the spray hose.

Mechanical Mixer

The Mech-Mixer is an electric driven vertical shaft tank agitator ideal for keeping solids or diluted paint mixtures in suspension. It operates quietly on 12 volt or 110 volt power.

Custom Units

Every operation is different and everyone has special needs that sometimes need to be solved with custom equipment. 

Manual and Backpack Sprayers

We have a variety of options for manual and backpack sprayers. Brands include Jacto and SHURflo. Sizes range from 1 gallon to 4 gallons and have manual or electric powered pumps.