Published Articles

Making the Case for GPS Sprayer Technology

Dr. Bill Kreuser, GreenKeeper: Significantly improve management precision


How ATVs/UTVs Revolutionize Food Plots

Iowa Sportsman Magazine: A plethora of implements to help you plant food plots


No More Secrets about GPS Spray Control

Florida Turf Digest (p. 30-31): More accurate, efficient, and responsible


5 Key Benefits of using Liquid Ice Control

Ken Rost, Frost Inc. CEO: Why to consider Liquid Ice Control


Drones Could Have A Place in Golf

TurfNet: Drones make it easier for hard-to-reach areas


The Many Benefits of GPS Spraying

Ken Rost, Frost Inc. CEO: GPS Benefits article


Frost Showcases its GPS-Controlled Sprayer

Golfdom: Mounted GPS sprayer at GCSAA Conference


How to Reap the Benefits of GPS Technology

Golfdom: Supers express ‘Now is the time to use GPS benefits’


Spray App Technology

Frankly Speaking Podcast: Dive deep into spray application technology with Ken Rost


Best Management Practices: Sprayer Technology

Cornell University: Study of Improved Efficiency using a GPS Sprayer


Precision Application Research

GCSAA TV: Jim Ager Golf Course presented with Ken Rost


New Life for an Old Sprayer

TurfNet: Updating an old sprayer with new technology


GPS Technology in Golf Course Management

GCM: Experiences with GPS on Golf Courses


Ultimix is a “no-brainer”

J.R. Lynn, Greens Superintendent: Columbus Country Club uses Ultimix


Drone spray applications taking off

GCM: Drone spraying on golf courses


Frost Inc Spotlight

Golfdom: How Frost Inc helps Superintendents


Spray Technology Products

Hole Notes Magazine
Affiliate Spotlight: Frost Inc: pg 48-52


Industry Insight – Ultimix

Hole Notes Magazine
Ultimix recognized in GIS


Spray Tips

Hole Notes Magazine
Tips on checking wear on spray nozzles


Keeping it Clear

Tips on using ice-melt including liquids


Talking Spraying

Superintendent Magazine
Perfect Spray?