Drone Mixing and Loading Equipment

Efficient and reliable mixing and loading equipment is critical for drone applications. Too much time spent between flights trying to mix and load causes low productivity.

Keep your drone in the air and applying by having ready mixed product that can be loaded quickly. 

There are two components of a drone mixing and loading system. The Mixing/Loading Skid, and a clean water tank/pump. The Mixing/Loading Skid features are listed below. Clean water tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be mounted in trucks or positioned on a trailer. Clean water is supplied to the Mixing/Loading Skid with a transfer pump and gallon counter kit.

Mixing/Loading Skid 

  • 150 gallon Product Tank and Mixing Station
  • Container Rinse Nozzle
  • Gallon Counter
  • 12 volt 12 gpm Pump (110v optional)
  • 100′ Load-out hose (3/4″)
  • Auto Shut-off Nozzle
  • Tank Agitation
  • 2″ Filter
  • Tank Drain Valve

Clean Water Tank Kit

  • Clean water supply tank – Call for options
  • 12 volt 9 gpm transfer pump (110v optional)
  • Gallon Counter
  • Load in valve and cam-loc coupling

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