Christmas Tree Sprayers



Christmas Tree Sprayer options: Covered and Angled Spray Booms.

  • Covered Boom Sprayer Spray only towards the weeds with this covered spray boom. Designed for the base of trees only. The covered spray cell only allows herbicide to get on the weeds below, not on your crop. The spring loaded bar gently moves around your crop.

  • Angled Tree Sprayer Spray directed towards greenery on trees for pesticide and other uses. The spray bar is fully adjustable to fit your row width to spray right where you need it!


Boom attaches to our 50 Gallon UTV or 3-point hitch sprayers.

Liquid can be supplied by any small sprayer.


  • No-drip nozzle holders
  • Adjustable boom height/width
  • Spring loaded self-return (Covered Boom)
  • Easy travel position

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