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Agitation Improvements

We get a lot of calls about poor agitation on OEM sprayers. We have a four step process to get you to the level of agitation that you want. If the first step doesn’t work, go on to the next step.

Replacement Spray Pumps

More flow from the spray pump allows for faster application speeds and/or higher rates. More flow also ensures that there is adequate agitation to keep you tank mixed properly throughout the spray job.

Air Gap Kits and Fill Meters

Many states require a back flow preventer to not allow a hose connected to fresh water to be immersed in a chemical spray tank. AN air gap is an effective way to accomplish this. Its also a convenient way to hold a fill hose.

Foam Marker Kit

Foam markers are an effective way to keep track of where you have sprayed or spread product. Foam drops can be dropped off the end of a spray boom or down the center of a spreader.