Drones for Spraying

Drone spraying is a useful tool in effectively getting many crops sprayed where ground sprayers can’t go. Frost Inc has been a licensed drone spraying contractor since 2021. Those years of experience have developed into a resource to help others get into drone spraying. 

From the beginning, Frost Inc has partnered with Rantizo for FAA approved drone equipment, licensing guidance, technical support, and service parts.

The mission for Frost Inc and Rantizo is to “do it right.” That means no cutting corners on compliance with rules and regulations from our regulatory agencies.

The service packages offered by Rantizo are tailored to fit your operation. The equipment is leading edge technology. The experience of Frost Inc will help you get up and running quickly. 

Step 1: Rantizo Spray Subscription Packages

  1.  Fly More
  2.  Mix-N-Match

Step 2: Which Drone is Right for You?

  1. DJI T10 Spec Sheet
  2. DJI T30 Spec Sheet
  3. DJI T40 Spec Sheet

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