Specialty Crops Sprayers

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Vineyard Covered Spray Boom

Spray only where you should with this covered spray boom. Designed to control weeds at the base of vines and hardy plants. The covered spray cell only allows herbicide to get on the weeds below, not on your crop. 

Vineyard 50 Gallon Sprayer

This sprayer is perfect for small vineyards with just a few acres. The swivel twin fan nozzles penetrate foliage and maximize coverage. Utility vehicle bed mount model and 3-point hitch models are available.

Hop 100/150 Gallon Sprayers

This an economical sprayer for Hop gardens with swivel twin fan nozzles that penetrate foliage. The boom design is fully adjustable and allows for consistency when spraying.


    Easily apply herbicide under low branches with the hand operated, lightweight Cycle-Spray. Simply push a button and apply where you need it without the need for heavy utility vehicles. 

Orchard 3-Point Sprayer

This is an affordable and effective Orchard sprayer that uses high pressure spray nozzles to achieve excellent coverage without excessive drift.