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Automatic Rate Control – Bravo 180s

Automatic rate control allows you to travel at a wider range of speeds while maintaining a constant rate. It takes the guess-work out of what pressure to spray so that the sprayer operator be more productive.


The Navigator LT is a GPS guidance monitor great for tracking sprayer or spreader applications. This is the modern day foam marking system that allows you to make accurate pass-to-pass applications.

Ninja GPS Spray Control

Description Add the Ninja GPS Spray Control System to any existing sprayer to maximize its performance. The system controls spray at each individual nozzle, maintains your application rate at any speed, and has 2 nozzles at each position on the boom for a wider speed range while spraying. The Ninja GPS Spray Control System is

Switch Box Controls

Basic sprayer control for actuating boom section valves and pressure regulation valves. Easy to view pressure gauge provides indication to the operator about what pressure adjustments to make.

GPS Receivers

NEW: SMART-7 GPS Technology Multi-Frequency GNSS Smart antennae featuring Novatel’s powerful OEM7 technology.

Mapping Service

Once boundaries are saved for spray areas, our mapping service will combine boundaries using our GIS programs to generate maps. Maps are usually created for meaningful categories such as Tees, Fairways and Greens.