Ninja GPS Spray Control


Add the Ninja GPS Spray Control System to any existing sprayer to maximize its performance. The system controls spray at each individual nozzle, maintains your application rate at any speed, and has 2 nozzles at each position on the boom for a wider speed range while spraying. The Ninja GPS Spray Control System is simple to install and even easier to use!

Bring accuracy and productivity to your applications with the Ninja GPS Spray Control System!


  • Individual nozzle control – increased accuracy by controlling spray at each nozzle independently
  • Automatic rate control – maintains your desired rate at any speed
  • Dual-nozzle positioning – allows for a wider speed range 
  • On-screen guidance – see where you’ve sprayed and where you haven’t in real-time
  • Adjustable spray parameters – Advanced settings to increase application options
  • Save application data – transfer the information from the application to your phone or computer
    • Google Earth compatible!
    • Transfer data to other programs such as the GreenKeeper app (link below)



Additional Options

  • Sonic boom leveling 
  • Auto-steer with GPS 
  • 10″ nozzle spacing

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